Monday, 24 March 2014

Wiki Wiki Wild Wild West!

Last week I played one of my favourite games of the moment, Dead Mands Hand, by Great escape games. 

The sceen is the Deep South of America, in a distant town in the corner of a confederate state. The war is civil war is over, and the young fighting men of America have returned home to their lives and jobs. 

The gangs of young men meet in the modle of the town, to try and talk things through before the blood shead.

Shop keepers bolt their doors and hide in the back of their establishments before the shooting stops. 

The shooting starts!! 

Uncle Jim Vance and his trusty dog, take aim at unsuspected cowboy running up the street. 

 When the fighting starts, vendettas are payed. 

A stalemate insuews. 

It was a brilliantly fun game, I Won :-D! 
I love the game, it's constant fun, and easy enough to sit down and have a laugh at the same time. 
I highly recommend the game to anyone. 
It dosnt need a large buy in. 
And uses the D20 and D10 everyone has but never uses! 

As some of you Hatfield and McCoy fans might have noticed, my cowboy gang is loosely based on the Hatfields (highly recommend the series Hatfield and McCoy's. All my games I play atm I seem to get interested in with some Hollywood series on TV!). 

Left to right is William 'Cap' Hatfield, Judge Valantine 'Wall' Hatfield, Ellison Hatfeild and Ellison 'Cotton Top' Mounts. 

Left to Right Johnsee Hatfield and 'Uncle' Jim Vance with his dog (some say they are very close... If you know what I mean?) 
'Devil' Anse Hatfield is still on the painting table, I have been waiting for the right model. 

As always, thanks for looking


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