Monday, 30 June 2014

Woof, woof boom! **Updated**

So on my little Soviet Union blots atm, I have been doing some cutting and shutting ect.... 

So for the game on the 19th of July, I'm looking at running these in a list with a lot of tanks, all in the name of fun :-) 

'In 1924, the Revolutionary militay Council of the Soviet Union approved the use of dogs for military purposes, which included a wide range of tasks such as rescue, delivery of first aid, communication, tracking mines and people, assisting in combat, transporting food, medicine and injured soldiers on sledges, and detonation of enemy targets. For these purposes, a specialized dog training school was founded in the Moscow Oblast. Twelve regional schools were opened soon after, three of which trained anti-tank dogs.

The Soviet Army had no dedicated dog trainers, therefore they recruited hunters and circus and police dog trainers. Several leading animal scientists were also involved, in order to help organize a wide-scale training program. German Shepard dogs were favored for the program for their physical abilities and ease of training, but other breeds were used as well. The idea of using dogs as mobile mines was developed in the 1930s, together with the dog-fitting mine design. In 1935, anti-tank dog units were officially included in the Soviet Army.'

As promised **update** with painted pictures. Hope you all like. 

Thanks as always

Fox trot down, fox trot is down

Put this airfix plane together when warlord first brought out the warplane rules but soon lost interest in it. 

The other day, I was tiding up the man cave the other day, and accidentally stepped on it. And then the thought came to me. Objective Marker! 

And in scraped this together... 

With a few added touches... 

Not sure about putting decals on it yet.  I may just leave it plain though. 

Thanks for looking

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Winter is coming.... **Updated**

The last few days I've been working on commotion jobs for a few friends, and I hit a wall of sorts, painters block so to speak. It's always the same with me, when there is somthing I have to do, I lose interest quick. 

So I decided to move on to somthing different to keep my interest thrifting. 
On the 19th of July, we are playing a small friendly Bolt Action tournament, at Fire storm games. We have two team of six, and it'll be mixed team between us and the lovly South Hampton chaps. 

I've decided I want to play my Russians, and of course non of them are painted. I have bought a bottle of Vallejo Karki for the airbrush, atleast they'll have some collour. ๐Ÿ˜•

I though I would start with the bigger and easier models in the army. 

Starting with my.... Ahem....OT-34/85 ๐Ÿ˜

My armies is based on a mid - late war infantry platoon, with armoured support. All the infantry will be on rubble base, with the early falls of snow. 
Wanted a wintery looking city fight look for the army. 

Next up a bit of recconacence.. BA-10

Posted else where, but I'll add them to the collection here. 
The for formidable IS-2.

New to the collection, and two the very small painted "pile".
ISU - 152 close support tanks. 

And magnetised barrel, to make the
ISU - 122

Now to paint some infantry ๐Ÿ˜‘


Monday, 16 June 2014

On Holiday with WIFI...

..... Can only mean one thing, buying. If I can do any hobby I sure as hell will buy some hobby. 
I have found sunbathing, whilst searching the inter webs very dangerouse... To my bank account that is! 

I have purchased some interesting things. I picked up some of scibor minitures stunning elven ruined bases, these will act as unit fillers for my High Elves. 

I have also purchased some armatures from E-Bob, to start down the path of sculpting my own minitures. I have also picked up some cool tools for this. Popped to the local Merca Chine (I am in Spain), I picked up some sewing needless, a vuriaty of sizes, and some things my Fiancรฉ insists are for your nails. And also this tool,
I gather it's for some sort of sewing, but it looked handy, especially after I read an artical the other night about collecting different tools, to make you sculpting life easier. 
Of course I have the standard shelf bought tools.

More purchasing, Iv grabbed a bargain of a lovely guy on, some sword masters and a griffin, some chap I bought my chariots off. 
Also picked up some bolt throwers. Of another guy on the forum. 

All this abord buying means one thing, tactics when I open the front door, A) not to step on any of my goodys that have been posted over the last 10 days. B) to quickly scramble them up to the man cave before the boss sees them. After a long days traveling the last thing I want is.... Well you know.

More sunbathing.... 

I have been mulling over all my on going projects/commissions, and been trying to decide what needs to be done first. 
When I get home on the 20th, my to do list is:
Finish painting a Viking Warband (commission) 
Sculpt some nurgle plague drones (commission) 
... This is where I tail off to things I want to do over what I need to do. 
I have High Elves to paint, lots of high elves.
I have Bolt Action Russians ready for paint, want to use these in July.. 
And now I have a new SAGA Irish warband to contend with. 

The list is endless... 

Anyway sorry for my rabbleing,


Sunday, 8 June 2014

One man, a warband and a beard...

This weekend, I partook in the first ever Saga Grand Melee.... Well I say partook, I turned up at least. 

I'm going to keep this short an sweet. 
I WON.... The wooden spoon award in grand fashion. Losing all six of the games, on the trot. 
But I turned up and I made sure my viking kin made their way to Valhalla with sword/axe in hand.

Over all I'm putting it down to not sacrificing to the Wargaming or Dice gods before I ventures to the battle fields.
My match ups were:
Game 1 Normans - A good game to warm up, first time agains anything on horse back. 

Game 2 Vikings - The chap clearly new the rules, I now see the advantage in reading the rule book :?

Game 3 Normans - Couldn't of played a nicer opponent, really enjoyed this game (he had one major tactic, he kept buying me alcohol! :)). It took me till turn 3 to realise that perhaps I should be marching across the board into a hail of arrows. 

Game 4 Anglo-Danish - Opponent again read the rule book, I'm sensing a trend. First time agains these guys, and how they are hard to advance on. 

Game 5 Jomsvikings - lovely opponent! Scenario and my inability to roll anything my favour, shut the game down for me. Plus he rolled like a machine, 5s/6s all over the place. 

Game 6 Anglo-Danish - Again :? Against a friend in the real world, but still shut down before I even began. Getting hell bent on kill points, I threw a lot of things away in a silly way. 

On the upside, I won the best Facial Hair award and Most sporting player. And Wow the prizes are unbelievable. 

Overall, an amazing weekend, of high some lows, but lots of laughter and brilliant banta. Some alcoholics shinnanigans along the way. 

Thank you to the gentlemen Gripping Beast. Lovely guys, with brilliant banta and amazing generousity. 
Thank you to all who turned up and made the tournament what it was, and thank your too my opponents for six spectacular defeats. 

Can't wait for next year!! 

.... Now where is my rule book