Monday, 16 June 2014

On Holiday with WIFI...

..... Can only mean one thing, buying. If I can do any hobby I sure as hell will buy some hobby. 
I have found sunbathing, whilst searching the inter webs very dangerouse... To my bank account that is! 

I have purchased some interesting things. I picked up some of scibor minitures stunning elven ruined bases, these will act as unit fillers for my High Elves. 

I have also purchased some armatures from E-Bob, to start down the path of sculpting my own minitures. I have also picked up some cool tools for this. Popped to the local Merca Chine (I am in Spain), I picked up some sewing needless, a vuriaty of sizes, and some things my Fiancé insists are for your nails. And also this tool,
I gather it's for some sort of sewing, but it looked handy, especially after I read an artical the other night about collecting different tools, to make you sculpting life easier. 
Of course I have the standard shelf bought tools.

More purchasing, Iv grabbed a bargain of a lovely guy on, some sword masters and a griffin, some chap I bought my chariots off. 
Also picked up some bolt throwers. Of another guy on the forum. 

All this abord buying means one thing, tactics when I open the front door, A) not to step on any of my goodys that have been posted over the last 10 days. B) to quickly scramble them up to the man cave before the boss sees them. After a long days traveling the last thing I want is.... Well you know.

More sunbathing.... 

I have been mulling over all my on going projects/commissions, and been trying to decide what needs to be done first. 
When I get home on the 20th, my to do list is:
Finish painting a Viking Warband (commission) 
Sculpt some nurgle plague drones (commission) 
... This is where I tail off to things I want to do over what I need to do. 
I have High Elves to paint, lots of high elves.
I have Bolt Action Russians ready for paint, want to use these in July.. 
And now I have a new SAGA Irish warband to contend with. 

The list is endless... 

Anyway sorry for my rabbleing,


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