Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Absence makes the heart grow fonder....

So it turns out I am a rubbish blogger, as far as keeping up a steady flow of posts anyway. 
But real life always has to come before little metal and plastic men.... Right?! 

Life has been hectic over the last few weeks again, but the last week I have managed to settle down and revisit a prodject I started a while ago. 
My 28mm Bolt Action Russian army. I plan to take this army to a upcoming tournament at the end of the month. So wanted to fancy them up a little, to hopefully get some painting scores, because I know full well I won't get meant playing scores. 

So I've decided to do some objective markers to go with the theme of my army (city fight in the snow) on bare with me, my list for the tournament is from the Silow heights selected as I had originally planned 2 tanks with tank riders. 
Now I say bare with me, as my basing and paint scheme is early snow fall. This army list for the tournament is set in The fall of Berlin, there wasn't much snow at that time to be honest. But hey, imagination right? 

So enough of my waffling, pictures. 
My first scenic objective is a meeting of the small council... Wait wrong topic! 
A meeting of Stalins General staff, in this instance discussing the push into Berlin. How ever, depending on the scenario I set for what ever list I write, the picture will have this underneath *insert appropriate fluff here*. 


Next is making use of Warlord Games scout squad, love these models full of character, but I just don't see most of them as models, I would want in a squad I played with on the table top. 
But for stuff like this they are amazingly cool. 

Appolagies for my amature photography. I try my best, also I know my white could do with a bit of practise, I tend to avoid it. 

A quick note, command figures are from Black tree designs, tables and most of the stuff on it scratch built. Scout figures are from Warlord Games. The scenice walled corner can be found at http://www.modeldisplayproducts.co.uk
Martin at MDP is a top guy, and visits most of the UK shows. 
Any questions just ask. 

The third objective I haven't acquired all of the bits I need yet, I will update shortly. 
Also still to come a glance of the army I'll be taking to the Ribble Rumble 2015. 

As alway, thank you for looking.