Monday, 7 September 2015

WIP's and Chains...

The 26th of September (BAWO 2015) is fast approaching, and the days only seem to be going faster. Giving me less and less time to get all the tables ready. 

So my focus of the last month or two has had to be mainly terrain (with a few small paint projects inbetween to keep my hobby mojo going). 

I am working mainly on bits for 3 board, the Tabk factories board, I showed whips of in a priciouse post. 
A Stalingrad (Pavlovs house) board, this will focus on one relatively intact building in the centre of the board. And lots of destroyed ruins surrounding it. 
And a Berlin (style) board, apartment block and ruines (however this will be a very generic city board. 

The last few days I have been working on the buildings, but mainly the scatter terrai. To populate the open spaces, and to give it the destruction feel, without tipping a bag of chippings all over the place. 
I struggle with these type of scenes, as I never feel you can but enough rubble ect. To really give it a good look, without making the table/ terrain piece unplayable. So I've had to settle on a decent look and a more playable table. After all this is mainly for the tournament.

I was really lucky to get my hands on some half kits from warlord games. Thanks to Sam @downorder podcast for passing then on to me. Perfectly there was a T34 chassis, and some tracks, and a Panzer 4 turret. It's like somebody somehere new what I was planning. 
I love it when a plan comes together.

So what comes next is a lot of fun, brake up some cheap cork boards, smash up your pre made, paint mixed into wall filler and left to set in an old baking tray. Get the glue gun out, ready the PvA and go crazy with it. A bit barbed wire here, a track there. And... 

... Here's one I made earlier.
Seal the whole thing with watered down PVA glue, spray black, dust grey, dry brush a bit, dry brush a little more. Pick out the details, remembering Modle Mates rust effect is your best mate. 
Move on to the next. 

The big rounds are old CDs, the other boys are MDF basses I had laying about, cut to be able to slot into corners of buildings, and lay along side walls. 

Hope you've enjoyed, 

More on the Berlin, Pavlovs house boards to come soon.

Thanks for looking