Monday, 24 March 2014

Villers bocage

Two Friends of mine, have embarked on a quest to write the perfect WWII vehicle heavy rule set. Being no strangers to writing rules, the task ahead of them is monumental. 
In conjunctions with the thoughruly nice chaps at they have decided to use the rules for a massive Villers Bocage display game, at non only than the biggest Wargames show in the Uk, Salute 2014. 

Along with help from myself and many others the guys have put together over 100 of beautiful buildings, to re-create the days, Micheal Vitmans names was on every 'Tommies' lips. 
 A monumental task, that has really taken shape over the last few weeks. 

And on Saturday, we got the chance to give it a dress rehearsal, it also have the 4ground guys a chance to pop over the bridge, and get an eye on it. 

The Board and the game will be on display at Salute 2014

The Smoldering Wrecks of British vehicles. 

British Infantry attempted an Assault on a Germans Heavy tank, through the hotel window. 

And the lovely chaps from 4ground surveying their own products being out to good use. 

Ok neck beards I know your thinking, there were no Panthers at Villers Bocage,
This was just a test game. The right formations and almost the right number of tanks will be present on the day at Salute. The beautiful Dai Waffenkammer tanks curtsy of

**edit after Salute**
So Salute has been and gone, and all in all it was a great escape for the game, and the gents from 4ground. Loads of interest and loads of very kind comments. 

*sneek peek* 
Bottom right, is a farm house building. This one is a prototype, but they will hopfuly, be putting it into production later this year.

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Wiki Wiki Wild Wild West!

Last week I played one of my favourite games of the moment, Dead Mands Hand, by Great escape games. 

The sceen is the Deep South of America, in a distant town in the corner of a confederate state. The war is civil war is over, and the young fighting men of America have returned home to their lives and jobs. 

The gangs of young men meet in the modle of the town, to try and talk things through before the blood shead.

Shop keepers bolt their doors and hide in the back of their establishments before the shooting stops. 

The shooting starts!! 

Uncle Jim Vance and his trusty dog, take aim at unsuspected cowboy running up the street. 

 When the fighting starts, vendettas are payed. 

A stalemate insuews. 

It was a brilliantly fun game, I Won :-D! 
I love the game, it's constant fun, and easy enough to sit down and have a laugh at the same time. 
I highly recommend the game to anyone. 
It dosnt need a large buy in. 
And uses the D20 and D10 everyone has but never uses! 

As some of you Hatfield and McCoy fans might have noticed, my cowboy gang is loosely based on the Hatfields (highly recommend the series Hatfield and McCoy's. All my games I play atm I seem to get interested in with some Hollywood series on TV!). 

Left to right is William 'Cap' Hatfield, Judge Valantine 'Wall' Hatfield, Ellison Hatfeild and Ellison 'Cotton Top' Mounts. 

Left to Right Johnsee Hatfield and 'Uncle' Jim Vance with his dog (some say they are very close... If you know what I mean?) 
'Devil' Anse Hatfield is still on the painting table, I have been waiting for the right model. 

As always, thanks for looking


Monday, 17 March 2014

Three MMGs you say? .... Well then I simply must has two!!

"Honey I'm home".... Ah the Sturat light tank, an American tank adopted by the British who nicknamed it the "Honey", after a tank driver remarked "She's a honey".

Such a lovely looking tank, cool, small fast and agile, I was in no way swayed to buy two after I read the bolt actions stats for one. Because having 3 mmgs and a light AT gun is absolutely no use in mid war desert 8-). 

I bought these two stunning little models from Blitzkrieg miniture, through the Perry miniture website, and wow they are wonderful! 

The cast were lovely, a few little bits of cleaning up needed. 
Only one down side was I need to trim away where the turret sits in the hull, as it would not fit. 
But apart from that, AMAZING! 

The crewman, is from Perry Miniatures, their British tank crew set. Again as always from the perry brothers amazing sculpts. I have two dismounted models from the set, that I am making into a objective at the moment. More on that later. 

As always, thanks for looking.

Regards all, 

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Back 2 Base-ix

So a short time ago, I was scrolling through Facebook and stumbled across and exciting little promotions deal. An Austrailian company called Back 2 base-ix (catchy and inventive 👍) were offering 50% off all ordered of their MDF storage range... 50%!!!

Now... I love storage! In all walks of life I love storage, just making things neat and tidy makes me happy (I'm such a nerd sometimes). Some would say I have OCD, infact most say I have OCD! 
I would just say I'm tidy, organised, clean and sometimes obsessive person 😐. 
And for a person like this, Back 2 Base-ix tick every box and then some! 

So a little review from my personal oppion. 

This wasn't everything, I got excited Nd opened the other before I though about pictures for this

The Customer service, good, I had a present message after I placed my order to ask a question, and say thank you for my order. The website, is quick and easy to use, and setting up an order is simple. 
My order took around a month, but that is understandable as a they were over run, Obviously with the amount of people taking advantage of the outrageously good offer. And it had all been freshly cut and of course shipped half way around the world! 9/10

The Product, exactly what it says on the tin. Easy to out together (it seems like all I have done this year is flat pack, if it's not Ikea or a shed, it's 4ground buildings and Back 2 base-ix!) instruction videos can be found on Thier YouTube channel (again I like this very good idea, stopping the video to catch up can be hard on your iphone though). Once you have put together one or two however, you get the idea, and they go together very easily. 10/10

One of the tool tidy racks going together. 

Two of the large paint racks with draws done. 

All in all I love this product. And I will 100% buy from this company again. 
And I highly recommend them and their product. 
This weekend once I finish work 😔, will be dedicated to rearranging the "man cave" and setting everything out. 

The finished artical, need to find the rest of my paints, and buy some new. 
Ahhh so tidy :-). 

When I get to a computer I will add in some handy links. 
But for now, here is their website:

Thanks as always, 

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Never leave home without your gun..

I hear all the time, people saying Bolt Action is a infantry based game. Squads this squads that. 
Well I am a fan of infantry, they more than play their part, but I'm the type of player that likes to put toys on the table. 
And a staple of my waffen SS army is The 10.5 cm leFH 18 German: leichte FeldHaubitze. 

The 10.5 cm leFH 18/40 supplemented the 10.5 cm leFH 18 and the 10.5 cm leFH 18M as the standard divisional field howitzer used during the Second World War. It was designed in an effort to lighten the weight of the 105 mm artillery piece and to make it easier to produce. Generally it did not equip independent artillery battalions until after the Battle of Stalingrad in 1943. Some were also exported to Finland, where they were known as 105 H 33-40.

The model it self is from Warlord Games, goes together nicely and easy enough. The base is and old CD I use them for mostly all my big guns ect. And the basing material is just plane old polly filler. 
The wooden slats are made from pices of and old fashioned fruite and veg box. Is made from a type balsa wood. Ingest them from a friend. I will maby do a thread on them, as they have some many diffent cuts of wood, I use them for most terrain jobs. 

I will post more om my Waffen SS in the future (as they are my only finished army, well I say finished...)

Thanks for reading


One of your 5 A day...

I'm a keen believer in getting your five a day, and one of my 5 a day is big guns! 

Today on the menu is the Iconic QF 25pdr!

The Ordnance QF 25-pounder, or more simply, 25-pounder or 25-pdr, was introduced into service just before World War II, during which it served as the major dual-purpose British field gun/howitzer. 
Combining high rates of fire with a reasonably lethal shell in a highly mobile piece, it was the British Army's primary artillery field piece well into the 1960s, with smaller numbers serving in training units until the 1980s.

I purchased two of WestWind productions, 25pdrs from their Berlin or Bust range. To add to my 8th Army Bolt Action army. 
These came with a large crew of 28mm figures in western field dress. These have gone in a draw probably never to be used. But the guns were perfect for what I need, no muzzle brake, that was fitted to the gun later in the war. They come with a little limber (ammunition carnage). 
No instruction 😒, but not to hard to figure out. 
8/10 product IMO. 

Without further delay, here they are:

I held back a few of the plastic perry chaps, and with a bit of cutting shutting and general gluing. Here is the result. 
I green stuffed some beret on a couple to give some originality. 
A few arms are standard, a few arms are bren gun carrying arms with the gun cut away. 

One chap in each crew has a shell in his hand, made from a shaped bit of resin I had lying around. 

The putty on the base, is 4grounds base render, LOVE this stuff, it's pretty much just filler, but just seems to be easier to work with. 
The camo net, I picked up off a military modeller on eBay. 

Any question please ask, 
I will endeavour to answer any.


My 8th Army adventure.

The Eighth Army was one of the best-known formations of the British Army during World War II, fighting in the North African and Italian campaigns. 

It was a British formation, always commanded by British officers, however its personnel came from throughout the British Empire and Commonwealth; complemented by units composed of exiles from Nazi-occupied Europe. Subordinate units came from Australia, British India, Canada, Free French Forces, Greece, New Zealand, Poland, Rhodesia, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

My late grandfather, was a veteran of the Second World War, he first saw action as a young lad in France in 1939 with the British expeditionary force (BEF). Only later to be lost at the "the miracle of dunkirk", and turn up for duty a few weeks later, after clambering aboard a local fisherman's boat, and making it back to Blighty relatively unharmed.  

From there we was recirculated in to service and found him self in the Royal Engineers. 
With orders to ship out to North Africa, to fight "Jerry" in the desert as part of the British 8th Army. 

This is where my inspiration came from to A 8th Army themed Bolt Action Army (it's my third BA army, but the only one with sentimental value). 

So naturally when the Perry brothers announced their platoon in a box Desert rats, I was like a kid in a sweet shop. And rushed out to get my hands on them. Having already written up my winning lay list, a didn't just purchase one box. Some of those beautiful Blitzkrieg models may have dropped through my letter box also.  

So with help from a few Christmas presents from some deer friends, and a bit of my own spending I cracked on, with a smile from ear to ear. 

I purchased some 25pdr guns from WestWind Productions, and with a bit of cutting and shutting fashioned a crew from spares I had in the Perry box.
I will do separate threads for my individual pieces. (All threads will be linked with the 8th army tab).

For now I will show you the one model that means the very most, the one model that when people direct fire at it on the gaming table... Things get personal! (No I am joking, the model means a lot, but I am not a serious gamer. I mean it when I say I do this hobby for FUN!).

A 3 Ton OY truck, I know what your thinking "his favourite model is a truck?!"
But yes it is, a few months ago I went to visit my Nonna (she is Italian, a whole other story, but on short, my grandad brought her home after he married her in the liberation of Italy). Anyway, my Nonna showed me a picture of my grandfather, stood next to his truck that he drove during the North Africa campaign, and on the grill and number he had written the words "Kidderminster Kid" so of course I went strait home and ordered my self a truck, and did my best to recreate that truck, the truck that took my grandfather and his comrades in and out of danger for his country. 

Thanks for reading, 
There will be more posts, no so story like and sentimental I promise 😌

I will post up the 25pdrs next, and go some way to explain how I did it. 


P.s I wright most of these on my Iphone. I apologise for any typos and spelling mistakes. 

A New Blog...

Hello everyone, 

This is a new blog, set up by the Tendence, but it will be managed by one of members only. 
On this blog, he will be taking you on journey of everything that happens on his secret Wargaming life, from climbing the ever growing lead mountain. To games being played and new games on the horizon. 
Hopefully this blog will inspire people's Wargaming the same way so many amazing blogs out there inspire him. 

The Tendence Historique