Sunday, 24 August 2014

A blast from the past... Or is it the future?... The passed future?

Warhammer 30k also known as The Horus  Heresy. 
Has been played in out club now for a few years on and off. But reciently with Forge worlds throwing some coal on the fire, and releasing books and miniture in huge waves. It has really taken off. 

And I must admit, although not being Games Workshops co. most devote fan, I do love the "fluff" behind The Horus Heresy, (I mean any future space race that takes on a millennia old military formations (roman legions), just makes me moist!). And I find it so much more inviting than 40k ever did. 

Now if you have looked at my blog before you will know I mainly play historical games. But I am a sucker for a good ride on a band wagon! 
I play Wargames because I like to out mini men and big tanks on the table, make silly noises and have a laugh. Laughing is one thing I have lost from historical gaming recently. And noticing some of my club member playing a campign every week, with some sweet looking minis and all having an amazing time. I simply couldn't resist any longer! 

I'm doing it small atm... Well when I say small, in doing it as large as the grumpy bank man will let me. Sooo in small chunks to be precise. 

So welcome to my one of many band wagons, is not the first and deffinatly won't be the last! 

So I'm starting with the  XVIII Leigion the Salamanders. Originally it was going to be the Iron Warriors, but wow those guys are boaring! 
As soon as I seen the sneek preview of Vulkans model, I went all week at the knees. And new they were the Legion for me. Although they acording to the fluff the stuggled to take part in the Horus Hersy after Istivan, I am lucky that my friend who runs the campaigns in the club has agreed to bend the future historical facts a little. 

So with out further delay. Here is what I'm working on: 

Firstly the tank! A Pre Heresy Predator
A very cool kits, a lot of fun to assemble (a few fiddley parts, but over all good).

And a WIP legionary. 

I will do a post seperatly for everything I'm painting up. 

Hope you all enjoy


Friday, 8 August 2014

It's got to look good, to play good

I am a bit of a sucker for good terrain. If a table I'm playing on looks crap, my experience will be crap. 
As one of the tournament organisers of the Bolt Action Welsh Open. 
One of the things at the top of my agenda eah year, is making sure the players have good terrain on which to rage war. 

So here is some of the pieces I am working on/ have made in the past. 

An orchard. 

Some fields. I am not a fan of just plonking down a bit of core Matt and calling it a wheat feild. So I base them on 1ft x 1ft boards. It also allows you to donaome funky stuff with them. 

An allotment, with a very fruitful apple tree. (See what I did there) 

And this is 4ft of a 6ft landing strip, that will be on a pacific themed board. 

As always, hope you like.
Please feel free to comment.