Saturday, 30 July 2016

Winter is here...

So well overdue post, and unintentional brake from the blog, and the hobby in general really. 

So this is an update on what I have been working on, and what I have planned for the future. 
I may not come as a supprise that I broke my "No hobby spend in 2016" vowe (you don't need to know me for this to be a surprise, come I'm a wargamer, what do you expect?). 

So what I've been up to: 

Warhammer 30k, I got my salamanders to a "reasonable standard", the army is around 90% complete. And I have no interests in adding any more to it at this time. I just don't play it enough. 

I have been working on a secret project, that is still a secret, and this is purely for the hobby doors it opens up. This has now however been placed on the back burner, due to a new project. 

The new project, Winter has come in South Wales (yes it's July, and yes it's still raining!). Game of Thrones skirmish is the new in thing that all the trendy kids are playing. As soon as I heard the whispers in the wind, I of course dived in head first with no protection. 

A few members of my gaming club, have come up with some rules, an adaptations of a good skirmish rule set (more on this to follow in a later post, we are still play testing). The game is small scale, no more than 10ish models, and very quick and easy. In the future we may look to scale it up, talks of Lion/dragon Rampant. 
Allegiances have been chosen: believing I was once a Stark nobleman in a former life, the choice was easy for me, I raised the wolfs head banner over my castle and declared for the King in the North. 
Spent a day looking for appropriate models, however the choise was easy.
The fantastic Perry minitures (WOTR infantry) provided almost everything I needed, along with a side portion of LoTR character models, which as they are sculpted by the Perry twins, fit perfectly for scale. 

Left: A LoTR Boromir model as Lord Eddard Stark the true warden of the north (fittingly played by Sean Bean). 
Right: A LoTR Aragon model, to represent the new King in the North. 
Behind: some generic Stark soldiers. 

As a box of Perry minitures provides so much 'bang for your buck', Iv decided to expand my collections to both the Boltons (boo, hiss) and the Greyjoys.

In posts to follow I plan to explain the models I used and the way I converted them to make a good representation of the factions from Game of Throns. 

Now to stop fanboying all over GoT, I have also of course set to work again on terrain for the Bolt Action Welsh Open 2016. More on this to follow also. 

Well, I've rattled on for far too long. 

Thanks for looking.