Saturday, 30 May 2015

Nice weather = poor hobby blogger

Absent again,

Due to the outstanding weather we have been experiencing recently, I have simply been making the most of it. 
Lots if golf, lots of work in the gym and camping trips with the family. Make for poor amounts of hobby time. 

I havnt been completely absent from the hobby over the last few months. I have however bounced from prodject to prodject with not a lot of purpose. 

So I will post here a few of the things I have done since my last post. 

Firstly Salute, the same as last year, myself and members from my club, Cardiff Wargames club were 4grounda go too guys, for their WWII display board. 
Stauart the Co owner of took the helm. The demo also have Great escape games the chance to display thier new WW2 rules set, Iron Cross (released later this year). 
For this prodject I was chief gardener, this  entail me making flower beds, painting and "planting" flower pots. And the pain staking task of sticking foliage to tree armatures. 

Products here, can all be found on GEG website. And they are all fantastic prodjects, and what I show here isn't even a drop in the ocean of the amount of these amazing products they stick. 

On to the table, we produces at the end.
It's is band of brothers inspired Holland style landscape. With undulation and raised roads. 

The brand new parish church from the wizards at 4ground. 

A perfect shot of the plant pots and allotments I made. 

The new Parish Church. I can not express enough how amazing this model is! Complete with stain glass window, it looks fantastic. 

During the game, I rolled this firefly to the top of this bluff, where it took pop shots of the tiger over the wall. 
This is a brilliant shot, to show how the board had undulations built in. The way we made the board means we could have deep undulations and raised roads ect. 
Also in this shot a view of the hay stacks I made last year. Inspired by Pat over at paintingwithasilverwhisle, check this page, and amazing amount of insperation terrain and models. 

Getting on to the other things I've done of late (I did want you I jumped from prodject to prodject). Over the last few months to a year, I have started playing a lot of Warhammer fantasy, much to my discust at all the roumors of 9th. Just my luck a game that has been around longer than I have been alive, as soon as I start playing there is all this talk of them killing it. Oh well, I've enjoyed painting stuff that isn't controlled by historical accracy. 
So whole the game is in a state of limbo, I've decided to paint some character models. 



Noble BSB 

More to come on these. 

Thanks for looking.