Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Time away from the blog, but not the hobby.

So had some stuff going on in the real works recently. But found some time to do some work on a few projects. 
I now have 4 pts of Vikings for SAGA finished (basing to be done, I'm thinking a beach sceen, for the bases. As they as meant to be viking raiders). 

I will get a few shots up of the army on the table top at The SAGA Grand Melee on the 7th - 8th of June. 

In other news, I may have been tainted by the dark gods some time in the last few mounths, and may have given into playing a game of WFB. And maybe I enjoyed it enough to play another. And then I may have been tainted enough to start a high elf army 🙈. 

We all love to hate GW but sometime you just got to go with the flow. The main thing that appeals to me is the modeling freedom. The not being tied down by actual historical fact. So we will see where this one takes me. 

I have been doing some commotion/favour work for some friends, one is sculpting up some nurgle inflictions on some WOC cavalry.

My other job being, an army of vikings for SAGA. This time being plastic Gripping Beast models. 

Shields and basing up to the owner to finish. 

Anyway I hope to be updating more regularly and also be painting a lot more. 

As always, thanks for looking

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Viking progress..

I've straingly found a vast amount of time the last week or two to get some painting done. 
And my vikings were the fish of the day. 
So here are some painted up, I still have the sheilds to do. Still havnt figures out if I want to use transfurs or paint them myself. 

More pictures to come as I start getting through them.

Hope you all like,

As always thanks for looking