Monday, 21 April 2014

The Pagans are coming!

So recently, I have been uncontrollable obsessed with the History channels series Vikings. 
And this has opened new doors for me in Wargaming, and steered me towards the rule set SAGA. 
I've had a few games, and I really enjoy the rules. 

After giving 90% of its views for the last two months. I decided Salute 2014 (where I was helping out on the 4ground stall) was my best platform for some thouching, smelling and tasting before I parted with my hard erned cash. 
IMO it's always nicer to hand over cash, instead of typing in some number and clicking a button. 

Naturally Vikings where my warband of choice, I figure I can use both the Vikings and the Jomsvikings battle boards with the same warband, for a bit of variation. 

A few pounds sterling later I had my minitures, and I am happy with my lot. But I felt they needed I little bit of tinkering with, so that they capture the image of a band of a ravaged Nordic raiders. So a bit of greenstuff and some bit bashing from the Gripping beast plastic set, that a good friend had finished with. Here is the Resault.

From my haul at Salute, I picked up 2x dark age, Viking buildings and a brilliant little Viking Long Boat. More on these later. 

As always, thanks for looking.