Sunday, 29 June 2014

Winter is coming.... **Updated**

The last few days I've been working on commotion jobs for a few friends, and I hit a wall of sorts, painters block so to speak. It's always the same with me, when there is somthing I have to do, I lose interest quick. 

So I decided to move on to somthing different to keep my interest thrifting. 
On the 19th of July, we are playing a small friendly Bolt Action tournament, at Fire storm games. We have two team of six, and it'll be mixed team between us and the lovly South Hampton chaps. 

I've decided I want to play my Russians, and of course non of them are painted. I have bought a bottle of Vallejo Karki for the airbrush, atleast they'll have some collour. 😕

I though I would start with the bigger and easier models in the army. 

Starting with my.... Ahem....OT-34/85 😁

My armies is based on a mid - late war infantry platoon, with armoured support. All the infantry will be on rubble base, with the early falls of snow. 
Wanted a wintery looking city fight look for the army. 

Next up a bit of recconacence.. BA-10

Posted else where, but I'll add them to the collection here. 
The for formidable IS-2.

New to the collection, and two the very small painted "pile".
ISU - 152 close support tanks. 

And magnetised barrel, to make the
ISU - 122

Now to paint some infantry 😑


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