Saturday, 15 March 2014

Back 2 Base-ix

So a short time ago, I was scrolling through Facebook and stumbled across and exciting little promotions deal. An Austrailian company called Back 2 base-ix (catchy and inventive 👍) were offering 50% off all ordered of their MDF storage range... 50%!!!

Now... I love storage! In all walks of life I love storage, just making things neat and tidy makes me happy (I'm such a nerd sometimes). Some would say I have OCD, infact most say I have OCD! 
I would just say I'm tidy, organised, clean and sometimes obsessive person 😐. 
And for a person like this, Back 2 Base-ix tick every box and then some! 

So a little review from my personal oppion. 

This wasn't everything, I got excited Nd opened the other before I though about pictures for this

The Customer service, good, I had a present message after I placed my order to ask a question, and say thank you for my order. The website, is quick and easy to use, and setting up an order is simple. 
My order took around a month, but that is understandable as a they were over run, Obviously with the amount of people taking advantage of the outrageously good offer. And it had all been freshly cut and of course shipped half way around the world! 9/10

The Product, exactly what it says on the tin. Easy to out together (it seems like all I have done this year is flat pack, if it's not Ikea or a shed, it's 4ground buildings and Back 2 base-ix!) instruction videos can be found on Thier YouTube channel (again I like this very good idea, stopping the video to catch up can be hard on your iphone though). Once you have put together one or two however, you get the idea, and they go together very easily. 10/10

One of the tool tidy racks going together. 

Two of the large paint racks with draws done. 

All in all I love this product. And I will 100% buy from this company again. 
And I highly recommend them and their product. 
This weekend once I finish work 😔, will be dedicated to rearranging the "man cave" and setting everything out. 

The finished artical, need to find the rest of my paints, and buy some new. 
Ahhh so tidy :-). 

When I get to a computer I will add in some handy links. 
But for now, here is their website:

Thanks as always, 

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