Monday, 9 February 2015

Unsung heroes of the common wealth

So when most people think if the Second World War, they think Germany, Britain, Russia, USA maybe Japan. 
But no massive thought goes to the minor powers. Or the country's and people's who fought for/alongside the big powers. 

Now I must admit, when I look at my BA armies, I see mainly German, Britain Russia.
So this is my start if incorporating these minor country/powers into my army's, with the idea of doing a full stand alone minor power army in the future. 

So before a go any further, firstly, a shout out to the LRDG and chaps, I am an avid listener. If you havnt listened yet. I highly recommend it. 
Anyway, I am rambling again. 
The guys from there, mainly Brad, tend to run quite obscure army lists. Notably for me atm is his Indian commonwealth army. 

Secondly, the unit I am about to show you, tends to be very good in game, I will admit this was one of the reasons I have selected to run them. But also a nod to history and some unsong heroes IMO. 

The Gurkhas are natives of Nepal, have been a part of the Britsh and Commonwealth forces since as early as 1815.
Gurkhas are closely associated with the Khukuri, a forward-curving Nepalese knife and have a well known reputation for their fearless military prowess. The former Indian army Chief of Staff Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw, once stated that "If a man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or is a Gurkha."

With a tournament coming up on the 1st of March using the .Net rules pack. Run by the BA royalty Bob Emerson on behalf of the PGS Wargames club. 
I've decided to take my 8th army, with a squad of Gurkas plus a M3 grant. 
A blitzkrieg minitures tanks that is hopfuly in the post. 
I am also taking the opertunity to run LMGs due to the .Net players pack, decreasing them to 5pts instead of 20pts. I sound like such a cheese gamer here. 

Here is my start to the Gurkhas, 

Thought I would add a picture of the finished job. Better late than never. 

As always thanks for looking.

Updates to follow


  1. Just been checking out your excellent blog which I have now added to my own blog list. You have some interesting stuff on there which I will be coming back to view again over time. Great idea what you have done with the Gurkhas and I look forward to seeing them with their slouch hats and painted up.
    I am originally from South Wales myself but have now been living in the land of the Saxons for many years.

    1. I must admit I am quite chuffed with your comment. Thank you. Your blog is a massive inspiration to my hobby. So for you to say you like my stuff is very gratifying.

      I am rushing at the moment to get these guys finished for a tournament on the 1st of March. So if I am not fully happy with them, I will be starting agin. Bloody OCD.

      But thank you very much for your kind words.

  2. Ah happy memories of punch ups in Sandhurst NAAFi. Got to love the Ghurkas! Inspired young Giac!