Saturday, 21 February 2015

A Band Of Bell.... I mean Brothers

I have been going back through my DVD collection of late, looking for some themed movies to watch while I am furiously painting up my 8th army. I settled for WWII themed, rather than specific theatre. 
So up cropped Band of Brothers, the Tv serious. 

Thursday night saw the birthday celebrations of a very good friend, and chairman of the club. 
He requested that I put together a Bolt Action scenario. 
So naturally, with myself owning a painted 105mm howitzer for my SS army. 
I turned to the Assault at Brecourt Manor. 

The orders and scenario setting I sent to the players:


The morning of D-day, elements of the 101st Airborne were dropped deep behind Germans lines late the night before. 
At the time of the invasion, A German battery was stationed a few miles from the coast at a town called Sainte-Marie-du-Mont, in the grounds of a manor house called Brecourt Manor. The battery comprised of four 105mm Howitzers, formally believed to be 88mm guns. 

Once the allied landings commenced, this battery disrupted the unloading of men and supplies by shelling exit 2 leading off Utah Beach. Exit 2 runs from the beach to the village of Sainte Marie Du Mont. To ease the problems faced by the allies, 1st Lieutenant Richard Winters (Mr Baldric) and his men from Easy Company were tasked with destroying this artillery position.

Orders to follow shortly...

German orders, 

Oberstleutnant Frederich von der Heydte (Ian) has ordered the immediate reoccupation of the artiller battery at Sainte-Marie-du-Mont. 
Orders are for all avalible combatants able to crew the guns at this position, to report immediately to the manor house.
Also any any avalible combatants with no orders to report to defend the position from possible attack.

The orders to defending combatants once you have reported, is to hold the position at all costs. Orders for the crews once reported, to immediately commence firing on the location marked on designated maps. 

Hold the line and do not retreat, for the fuhrer. 

American Orders 

1st Lt. Richard Winters (Mike) is to take charge of easy company's assault on the German position at Sainte Marie Du Mont. 
No solid information on the enemy position is available. A quick recon is advised. Radio traffic from Utah beach suggest some form of long range artillery.  
Expect a heavily fortified position with an unknown number of combatants. 

2nd Lt. Lynn 'Buck' Compton (Phill J) is to take charge of units, under 1st Lt. Winters 

2nd Lt. Ronald 'Bloody' Spears (Alex) to also take charge of units, under 1st Lt. winters

Time will be of the essence, American lives depend on your quick success. 

The table set up.

The 105 howitzer, harassing Utah beach. 

Rear MMG in placements, providing covering support to the defenders in the trench. Although not alway at the guys on their side. 

The First gun destroyed, by the plucky airborne troops. 

Over all a fun game, I took away a couple of things from this game. BA is one of the best rule sets I've ever played. And I am a massive champion of it (the main reason I am one of the TO's for the BAWO). But when it comes to large games, it really needs an overseer IMO. 
I spent most if the game, picking out dice and keeping the tempo of the game going (of which I had no problem with). 

I also lernt, that other people's interpretations of an historicle event can be a lot different to mine. 

And also that, people have different ways of playing. Myself, I like just rolling dice and having a laugh in these big game. I have no problem with making up little rules on the spot to make the event in the game a little more funny. I have no problem with saying roll a dice and find out. 
In that respect I am a very loose gamer when it comes to being strict with the rules. I would like to stress I am only every this loose with the rules when it is a big participation game. 
But I do also find myself saying "ah go on you can do that" or "yeah no problem" in personal games also. I just like having fun, and making my games fun, for myself and people who are playing them with me. 
To some up that was a long way around saying I'm not a neck beard/rules lawyer..... I was trying not to offed..... But what the heck. 

Just one last thing, a friend of mine, who happend to be in the position of the famous Dick Winters in the game. 
Has done his own write up of the game on his blog, please go over and check it out. A really good blog, that comes across exactly as he dose whitty and sarcastic, that will make you laugh.

As always, thank you for looking. 


  1. Witty and sarcastic!? Outbloodyragious!
    Great game as always; well thought out and excellent terrain!
    You are right, I was let down by my subordinates as usual😉
    Cheers pal

  2. Excellent board. Thanks for sharing the game.