Monday, 17 November 2014

My Anaconda don't want...

First post if 2015, now I am back and enthusiastic about the hobby, I am setting myself a goal of one post a month minimum. 
Onwards and upwards. 

Any way the last few weeks have seen me make some progress with the Salamanders 30k army. I'm sure I could make good progress if i didn't jump from prodject to prodject all the time. 
But here is the latest editions, to a very long prodject.

Salamanders close support Contemptor dreadknought, equipped with multi melta, close combat weapon. And of course a heavy Flamer, because well... Because! 

Next addition....

The Man Himself, Vulkan Primarch of the XVIII Legion the Salamanders. 
Born of the Emperor of mankinds gene seed. Scattered to a plant called Nocturn, he grew in to the leader of a world. Later to stand at the helm of his legion when his father arrive as to find him. 

I still have a lot to add to this army, money is my major draw back atm, but I am happy with the being a long prodject. 
Next to come are pyroclasts. 

Thanks for looking

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