Friday, 23 October 2015

A little catch up.

No post last month, I need to make a schedule. But with the BAWO2015 taking over my hobby for the last few months. I decided just to settle down and do some hobby, that didn't "HAVE" to be done. 
I've managed to get a lot of work done on my salamanders of late. 
I've got a Deredeo dreadnought finished (lovely model, however terrible to pose in any position than basic boring stance) 
I managed to pose mine a little differing, with some cutting, bending and tactical glueing. The knee pads however will not sit right. If you can live with that then. I problem. (I will try and update this with a painted photo)

A Sicaran Venator, done.

This was a fun tank to paint, refreshing painting a Sci-Fi model, after painting mostly historical. Can go to town with bright colours and be a little liberal with you creation. 

I am now at the moment working on, 4 more vehicles 2x Spratan assault tanks (my favourite flavour of cheese) and 2 rhinos for the little guys).
Whip picture, airbrush work finished here. 
I've also been having some fun with hazard lines, playing around with some techniques, as you can see in the top left. 

There we go, a little update on what I've been doing.

Hope this post isn't too short. I just felt like I need to get something on the blog. 

I have a new project coming up, for a new rules system. That I am going to try and document properly from start to finish. 
So stay tuned.