Monday, 26 October 2015

A glimpse of the future.

The new prodject, 

The next few months, I am going to be roughly concentrating on a new prodject, involving modelling and gaming. 
This new prodject will be the Modern theatre. Mainly we are planning to set our games in the near future, a pre WW3 scenario, where the worlds super powers have sent their special forces out, to secure vital objective ect. Before open war is declared. 
This give us a broad aspect, for designing a narrative around out gaming and modelling. 

Rules set, we aren't going to settle on one set for this. But our focus will be the brilliant rules set Spectre (And thier minitures are amazing), we will also be looking at Skirmish Sangin, we have only headed good things about SS. 

Minitures, I have decided to start with a very small force of German Bundeswehr/KSK, quite frankly the G36 toting, armed forces of German these day are bloody cool. 
And I found some of the amazing Eureka minitures to be exactly what I'm looking for. Ordered from Fighting15s here in the UK, the minis are lovely. A little bit more cartoonish for my liking, but beggars can't be choosers.
Crisp models with very little clean up needed. 
I have done some green stuff work, but only a little, adding a UGL (underling grenade launcher) to the bottom of a G36. And wrapped one of the KSK snipers in a shemagh scarf, as these guys will be be in desert camouflage. 

I have also tried out the green stuff on the base trick, to cover the round base these figures come on. I heard about it on a podcast and it's worked quite wel, to blend the base.

I should finish painting these this week, so I will update this post with painted pictures, my photography however is severally lacking. I apologise. 

Hope you enjoyed, 


  1. Looking forward to this. I've got most of the moderns from Eureka and they are fantastic.

    Have you had a look at these rules From Osprey."Black Ops". Just started reading them and they look like what you might be after. All based on 28mm.

    1. Amazing, will check them out.
      Thank you very much.
      I'm really pleased with Eurekas minis, going to pick up some recon marines, and some mercenaries soon also.

    2. Here is a link to Kosta's blog who sculpted these minis and the moderns for Eureka. Check out what's comming.