Saturday, 22 August 2015

What a difference a wash makes...

Just a quick post, trying to up the rate of posts, even though I get like 3 views a year (ok more than that, but I'm trying to be modest with my self pity). 

This coming bank holiday weekend, August 31st 2015. I am traveling up to Nottingham UK, to participate in a Bolt Action campaign day. Run by Sam from the Down Order podcast (highly recommend the cast, Sam, co hosts, Dave Hunter and occasionally Rich H. Are all personal friends, in wargaming circle terms. And are all extremely lovely guys) + I'm going to be on it next episode talking about the Welsh Open. 

For the day's campaigning, I will be taking up my beloved 8th Army. 
On the day we are allowed to take two lists. One infantry and one optional Tabk list.  
I have opted to take both, and really do something different with my Infantry list, well I've made it just that - infantry. 
How ever I have taken vantage of one other rule for the day. Warplanes. 

I haven't taken a lot of warplanes in BA before so I thought I'd give it a go. 

Some time last year when the optional rules came out, I got strait on eBay, and bought my self a 1/72 Battle of Britain die cast set, a spitfire and a Me109. I wanted 1:48 but the price comparison, and the amount of use I saw them getting did t way up. 

So I have dug out the spitty and tarted her up, or rather scruffed her up. 

Apologies for the poor photo quality. 

Like the title suggests, what a difference  a wash makes. Ok so I have done some sponge weathering ect. 
I am however happy with the result. I would of liked to completely repaint it, in desert camo. But my narrative suggests it has just been flown into the country, and is strait out on a mission, with no time for paint jobs. 

I'm sure I said at the start this would be a short one.... 

Regards as alway, and thanks for looking. 

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