Monday, 17 August 2015

The king of procrastination returns, all hail the king!

I'm back.... 
In my defence, I have been doing lots of hobby, just not boring the two people who check this blog, with what I have been working on. 

Also, I wrote out a massive post two weeks ago, forgot to save it to drafts. As it wasn't finished. 
Came back on to finish it, and all my work was undone. To say I was less than impressed is an understatement. 

Anyway, on with why you have visit this blog, unless you have come here through some very strange Internet search... 

The last few week, things have been building up to the Bolt Action Welsh Open, of which I am one half of the To team.
Now the tournament this year has considerably increased in size, so we have invested like wise on terrain. 

Being a bit of a stickler for terrain, I am putting me all into making it look the best it can be. How ever as the title sujests, my attention span is small, and I get way layed. For some reason, my subconscious tells me, that doing everything in the last week prior to the tournament (or anything for that matter) is the better way to do things. 

How ever I have done some work, and this is what I'm going to show you today. 
A little while a go, I stumbled across a small company on eBay, when looking for a curtain type of terrain. 
The company was called Terrains4wargames, a brilliant run company, still in its infancy, based in Poland. 

When making some inquires with the owners about their product, we got to talking. And a long story short, they sudjested they would like to help our tournament grow, and sponsor us.
We struck a deal, and I had the absolute pleasure of putting their train together. 

I simply cannot wait to put it all on the table now. Just need to figure economic ways of filling the rest of then table. 
As this is essentially tournament terrain, it needs to be transportable, and Storables. But for me it also has to all tie together... Who knows maybe some sacrifices will have to be made. 

This last photo shows these two finished. 
I've modified bits, but cutting the girders. Also added some modellers tin roof sheeing. Used an old GW creator in the centre, to really take up a lot of the spare space, without to much effort. 
And then added generic rubble
Of courses in really life there would be more piles of depris ect, but like I have said, this is a tournament piece of terrain and has to be playable. 

I am happy with the end effect. And when I set my mind to it. It is quite a quick way of doing things. 
Which is nessisary as I have a lot to do before September 26th - 27th. 

As always thank you for looking.


  1. Now they look perfect, a great find and thanks for sharing.
    Best wishes with the Welsh open.

    1. Thank Mate, really appreciate it.
      Keep up your stuff, it's where I get the majority of my inspiration!


  2. Looking good. Thanks for the photos.