Monday, 7 July 2014

It lives.... It lives... Muwhahahaha!!!

The frankanstine of my Wargaming collection, has been revived moments before being turned into a wrecked objective marker. 

A few months ago I purchased a stunning Die Waffenkammer IS-2 from Stuart at Great Escape games. 
I had waited a couple of weeks, but finally it arrived all excited. I took strait home gave it a loving bath, in some warm soapy water, and left it to dry thoughruly. 

The next day I approved the amazing creature and did some tinkering, and some gluing. And set about with a can of Army Painter primer green. The glee on my face as it looked perfect was somthing to behold. So I patiently left it to dry over night. 

The next day after a hard day at work I approved the model with anticipation of the paint work to come when..... I found it in a heap of flackie mess. My first time learning of the problems that so may before me hav found. With a sad face and a flash of anger, I decided I would strip it an start again. 

I placed it my strip pot with my usual paint and varnish remover, that has worked so well on other models. I left it to work it's magic. 
But somthing tells me 3 weeks is far too much magic, forgotten about under the sink, the tanks was attacked by the harsh substance. As I remembered it I rushed to the cupboard to find an IS-2 unlike any other. It had a barrel that dropped like a sad puppy's ears, and details that pressed like sponge. 

I though all was lost, but I was the model off, and left it dry in view for a few weeks, wondering if I could revive it in anyway. Thoughts of plasticard and green stuff raced through my thoughts at each glance. But on Friday, I had the air brush out, and I decided to give it one last chance, I had nothing to lose.

As I had not striped the tracks they were fine and painted up lovely. 
I replaced the barrel with a bit of plastic rod, I am not 100% happy with, but is far greater than the droppy puppy look. 

A few hours later this is my result.... 

A lot of battle damage but that what I like from an IS-2. 

Hope you like it.

I am 90% happy with the final resalult. 


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